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Combined Heat and Power Projects

Defrancesco Cogeneration Plant, Firebaugh , CA

Designed the installation of a 1.4 MW, Deutz natural gas, reciprocating engine with jacket water and exhaust heat recovery system to capture the waste heat and reuse it in the plant's process heating system. Plant was also designed for the ease of expansion of the plant to 2.8 MW in the near future. Also managed the design team to ensure an on time, within budget design. During the construction, construction management and support was also provided.

Golden Era Productions Cogeneration Plant, Gilman Hot Springs , CA

Designed the installation of two 848 kW, Jenbacher natural gas, reciprocating engine with jacket water and exhaust heat recovery system to capture the waste heat and divert it to a new 270-ton, Thremax absorption chiller. The plant was also designed for the ease of expansion of the plant to accept a third 848 kW engine in the future.

Long Beach Aquarium Cogeneration Plant, Long Beach , CA

Developed performance acceptance testing criteria and performed acceptance testing for the dual Duetz natural gas engine (1.3 MW) with 100-ton absorption chiller plant.

California Refrigeration Cogeneration Plant, Long Beach , CA

Performed trouble-shooting evaluation of an existing 600 kW natural gas engine plant that utilized the engine's waste heat and diverted it to underground water storage tanks that are used to defrost the plant's refrigeration systems. Existing installation had pump capacity and pipe circuiting deficiencies, which were corrected.

Nestle Cogeneration Plant, Cabazon , CA

Provided pipe fabrication detailing for the natural gas, condenser water, chilled water, hot water and exhaust systems for the two-engine (2,686 kW) cogeneration plant.

Cytec Cogeneration Plant, Orange , CA

Provided a mechanical design for the integration of an existing 80-ton, air-cooled, reciprocation chiller into the existing cogeneration system's chilled water loop.

Office Buildings

Heery, Los Angeles , CA

Reviewed mechanical systems and developed a Due Diligence report for a 10-story office building that was abandoned in the middle of an architectural, HVAC and electrical systems retrofit. Provided evaluation of the building's infrastructure and provided construction cost estimates to allow the client to make an informed decision to purchase the building.


Doubletree Hotel, Santa Ana , CA

The Doubletree Hotel is a 257-room, 7-story hotel in Santa Ana , California . Designed a merchant, 3,000-ton central plant to serve the hotel and adjacent properties to be developed in the future. Also, designed the entire mechanical HVAC system for the hotel. Rooms were equipped with in-room, stackable, 4-pipe fan coil units. Total area of the hotel is 140,000 square foot. Base hotel HVAC cost $1.7MM and $1.9MM for central plant.

Entertainments Facilities

Gotcha Glacier, Santa Ana , CA

Developer for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems ($27.5MM) for the 360,000 square foot indoor snowboarding and entertainment facility in Anaheim , California . The building consists of a wave park, skateboard park, rock climbing wall, fitness center, ice skating rink, restaurants, bar, arcade, medical offices, administration offices and retail spaces. Responsible for conceptualizing the MEP design, developing performance criteria, developing design/build cost estimate, assisting in development of contract documents and generating MEP detailed scopes of work and assembling and directing a team of qualified design/build firms.

Schools and Universities

Golden West College , Huntington Beach , CA

Designed campus infrastructure and energy conservation upgrades that consisted of the following: new 1,200 control points Energy Management System (EMS) expansion for the control of HVAC and lighting systems, new chiller and cooling tower retrofits, new boiler installation, installation of liquid pressure amplifiers, HVAC unit replacements and classroom renovations.

Orange Coast College , Costa Mesa , CA

Designed for the installation of a new 2,200 control points Energy Management System (EMS) for the control of the campus wide HVAC and lighting systems.

Orange Coast College , Costa Mesa , CA

Designed the installation of two chiller plants and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system replacements/retrofits. Conducted non-destructive corrosion testing of existing chilled water piping system and coordinated facility shut down period. The total capacity of each of the TES systems was 1,000 ton-hours.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Owens Corning, TX, CA, AZ, UT

Regional developer for energy efficiency measure projects for the Owens Corning Fiberglass and Composite Plants in the states of California , Texas , Arizona and Utah . Responsibilities included: self performing and managing a team of energy auditors, energy engineers, energy analysts, construction managers, estimators; identifying energy projects their economic feasibility and risks; and developing proposals for the project's implementation.

Ocean Spray, Henderson , NV

Regional developer for energy efficiency measure projects for the bottling facility. Responsibilities included identifying energy projects, evaluating economic feasibility and risks; and developing proposals for the project's implementation. Projects consisted of; lighting retrofits, replacing pasteurizer, air compressor retrofit and control, low temperature refrigeration system retrofits.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Los Angeles , CA

Designed the renovations for several bus maintenance facilities that included the removal and installation of several underground fuel and fluid storage tanks and all associated piping systems. The designs allowed for the bus maintenance facilities to remain in operation while the construction took place.

Dow Chemical, Torrance , CA

Designed the polystyrene pellet air conveying piping system for the silo storage system. Design included generation of bill of materials and detailed shop drawings to fabricate system.

Critical Systems

Cable and Wireless, Irvine , CA

Cable and Wireless is a facility that leases computer room floor space to multiple tenants that need tightly controlled humidity and temperature spaces. Performed infrared thermography and temperature and humidity recordings to evaluate and troubleshoot temperature and humidity deficiencies within the computer room.

Wells Fargo , Clarendon Center , Phoenix , AZ

Lead mechanical engineer for the renovation of an existing 36,000 square foot microfiche storage and retrieval facility. Designed the removal and installation of two 60-ton, reciprocating, water-cooled chillers to provide closely controlled environmental cooling. Chilled water system consisted of redundancy for the chilled water and condenser water piping system and the capacity for the system to be run at approximately 50% unloaded. Because the mechanical engineering was performed somewhat parallel to the construction of the project the project was completed in and extremely short period of time.

VISA/VPS, Tempe , AZ

Developed design/build performance specifications for a new 100,000 square foot office building in Tempe , AZ. Reviewed contractor's design/build documentation to ensure client's specifications and expectations would be met.

McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, Huntington Beach , CA

Designed the installation of chilled water system to provide process and environmental cooling for a 22,000 square foot dedicated computer facility. Chilled water system included: redundant chillers and chilled water pumping system, water temperature and distribution controls, monitoring controls and alarm systems.

McDonnell Douglas Electronic Systems, Santa Ana , CA

Designed and supervised the installation of all HVAC, HVAC controls and fire protection systems for a 76,000 square foot Tactical Secured Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).

Medical and Clean Room Facilities

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